Ramens & Sticks

Ramen & Sticks

We are the first Japanese noodle Ramen bar chain in Lithuania. Yes, a bar! We are the place to go to if you want to slurp some noodles, munch on some Yakitori chicken skewers, Gyoza dumplings and have a beer. At daytime we are a Ramen bar, while at night we transform into a Izakaya (a Japanese gastro-pub).


What is Ramen?

It is a Japanese soup which consists of wheat flour noodles put in stock with extras on top like meat, vegetables, eggs and oils.

It is an extremely universal dish. Here You will not only find classic Japanese Ramen but also our takes on the dish.

Noodles and the machine

Which restaurants produces its own noodles? Only those who want to control the quality.

At the beginning we faced with a problem how to get high-quality noodles? We did’nt want to serve frozen or dried. So we decided to produce noodles ourselfs – we bought a noodles machine !! This is the only one in Baltic countries !! Every day we produce fresh, and in each bowl – 35 meters of noodles.


Another important part of ramen is a broth. We cooking three broths: vegetarian, classic pork and chicken.

We can say broth cooking process in our kitchen going 24/7. For example pork broth cook 18-20 hours. To cook one liter of broth, consumes 1 kg of meat. Chicken broth using laying hens. They are not chickens from the farm - laying hens diet is balanced and healthy.

From seed to bowl

Ramens & Sticks
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